About Me

Andrea, founder of Mystic Soul Jewelry, draws inspiration from her own experiences in travel and interior design, to craft jewelry that speaks to the soul. 

Created with global inspiration, each piece of jewelry tells a story with its rich jewel tones, carefully picked stones, and gleaming metals with symbolic motifs.

Andrea’s pieces have been worn on hit shows such as Bones, The Vampire Diaries, Baby Daddy, Forever Your Girl and more.  Her designs have been published in British Vogue, People Española, Celebrity Page, DaySpa Magazine and won Editor’s Choice in Ottawa Magazine.

She is a proud momma of two children and two rescue pups, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She loves to travel with her family and has seen her business grow as her children have grown. Whether it’s exploring the Rocky Mountains or flying to a beach, Andrea and her family are always planning their next adventure!

Her motto: "Wear what you love and the rest will follow"

(formerly Andrea Kelly Designs)