Onyx Angel Wing Bracelet

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Introducing Onyx Angel Wing Bracelet

Rely on the energy of Onyx from your angel wing bracelet to boost security & stability. Purportedly encouraging spiritual uplift & strong connection between body & cosmic forces. Plus, its mythical powers protect you from undesirable vibes & invisible threats. Silver-hued wings succeed in not only looking dope, but shielding you in style! Show off your black & silver #OOTD with this fabulous beaded bracelet! Better yet,,,,make it a stack! 



Our Onyx Angel Wing Beaded Bracelet is a blend of elegance and spirituality. Made from high-quality Onyx stones, this bracelet features an intricate angel wing charm symbolizing protection, peace and divine guidance.

The angel wing bracelet is an emblem of your guardian angel, who guides you towards peace and harmony. Decorated with glossy black beads, it can be a stunning accessory to any look. More than just a piece of jewelry, it serves as a reminder of angelic presence and divine love surrounding you.

The Onyx stone beads are believed to repel negativity and equip its wearers with strength, making this bracelet a perfect tool for spiritual rituals and meditation.

This bracelet is adjustable and fits comfortably around most wrists. Its striking design can be a conversation starter, a symbol of faith or a lovely gift for someone special. In a world abound with chaos, this angel wing bracelet can be your beacon of light and positivity. Start your journey of spiritual awakening today with this special piece.




Silver Plated

Nickel Free