Pink Aura Quartz Essential Oil Vial Necklace

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Pink Aura Quartz Essential oil Vial Necklace – A Unique Handmade Piece of Jewelry for Aromatherapy Lovers

Relish in exquisite beauty with this Aura Quartz Essential Oil Vial Necklace! This statement piece is perfect for activating your creative and intuitive power of feminine energy & getting in tune with your true emotions. Plus, the vial is perfect for holding essential oils or other special items! You'll shimmer with effortless grace and confidence with this gold plated chain around your neck.  Let your aura shine!


Our Pink Aura Quartz Essential oil Vial Necklace is an impressive specimen of expert craftsmanship and delicate design. Handmade with love, this unique necklace serves as a beautiful accessory and a mini essential-oil diffuser. It lets you carry the soothing aroma of your favorite essential oils close to your heart, providing a sense of tranquillity and calm.

The stunning Pink Aura Quartz stone has been carefully chosen for its healing properties. It not only enhances the overall aesthetic of the necklace but also brings energy and balance to the wearer. Along with this, the necklace features a small, secure vial that can hold essential oils. Its spill-proof design ensures that the oils remain safely within the vial, continually providing you with their therapeutic benefits.

Whether you're a passionate yogi, a holistic healing believer, or someone who loves uniquely handcrafted jewelry, our Pink Aura Quartz Essential oil Vial Necklace makes for the perfect gift. Its elegant design is sure to catch the eye and start conversations wherever you go. Handmade with meticulous attention to detail, this necklace is more than just jewelry – it's a statement of style, health, and serenity! Get yours today!



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