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Size: 16"

Intricately Designed Laluna Mother of Pearl Jewelry Moon Glow Necklace

Be ready to make a statement with this charming necklace! Its sparkling, golden chain brings out the delicate glow of the mother of pearl jewelry, a moon shaped pendant, giving you the perfect amount of je ne sais quoi to any outfit. Wear the Moon and let the stars be jealous!


Unveiling the Laluna Moon Glow Necklace! This piece is a captivating ensemble of the beautiful Mother of Pearl embedded into a minimalist yet sophisticated design. Handcrafted by expert artisans, this Mother of Pearl necklace is a showcase of remarkable craftsmanship and detail. The exquisite colors of the Mother of Pearl blend beautifully with the necklace's metallic finish, creating a piece of jewelry that can enhance any outfit with its iridescent charm.

Apart from its striking appearance, the Mother of Pearl is believed to carry healing properties, making this necklace a perfect choice for those looking for jewelry with more profound significance. For those who appreciate the beauty of natural elements, this Mother of Pearl necklace offers a tangible connection to the vibrant energy of the ocean. Wearing this necklace, you carry a piece of Mother Nature's artwork with you, regardless of where you are.

Technology meets tradition in this Laluna Moon Glow Necklace. The innovative design process ensures the vibrant sheen of the Mother of Pearl is captured perfectly. Our design’s highlight rests in the center of the pendant — a perfectly round and luminous piece of Mother of Pearl. The signature radiance of Mother of Pearl is enhanced in this design, making it a must-have jewelry item in your collection. Laluna Moon Glow Necklace is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a piece of art.



Mother of Pearl

Gold Plated 

Nickel Free