Kashmiri Boho Bead Earrings

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Discover The Allure of Kashmiri Boho Bead Earrings

Unveil the captivating charm of Kashmiri Boho Bead Earrings! These eye-catching danglers, also known as "Bollywood beads," exude brilliance with embedded rhinestones, seed beads, mirror chips, and silver-plated findings. Crafted from a blend of marble powder, synthetic resin, and metal cores, these gems redefine elegance!

A Bohemian Delight

Handmade with precision, our Kashmiri Boho Bead Earrings epitomize the essence of bohemian fashion. Each bead intricately woven into a tassel design showcases the free-spirited allure of boho style.

Colorful Elegance

Featuring a vibrant color palette, our Kashmiri bead tassel earrings effortlessly elevate any ensemble with a touch of boho elegance. Whether it's a formal affair or a casual day out, these earrings add a pop of color and personality to your look.

Fashion Must-Have

These tassel earrings are essential for fashion enthusiasts seeking to make a statement. The vivid bead colors and elaborate tassel design have the power to transform an ordinary outfit into an extraordinary ensemble. Embrace the enchantment of bohemian fashion with our Kashmiri Boho Bead Earrings.


Materials and Specifications

- Kashmiri Beads

- Silver Plated

- Nickel Free

- Length: 3"