Healing Stone Jewelry: Aura Rose Quartz Stretch Bracelet

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Aura Rose Quartz Stretch Bracelet: A Jewel in Healing Stone Jewelry

This Aura Rose Quartz Stretch Bracelet is the perfect bit of ethereal sparkle for your wardrobe. Its triple AAA rose quartz stones and crystal ball make sure you won't be lackin' in the bling department. And with its stretch design, you can go solo or stack 'em high to really rock the look. Get ready to ooze some serious style energy with this healing stone jewelry!


Unveil the exquisite charm of our Aura Rose Quartz Stretch Bracelet, a quintessential piece in healing stone jewelry. Crafted with ethereal rose quartz, renowned for its powerful healing properties, this bracelet is designed to instill tranquility and love into your life.

With its softly pink hue and beautifully designed stretch bracelet, the Aura Rose Quartz serves as not just an accessory but a powerful healing tool. Known as a stone of the heart, Rose Quartz opens up the heart chakras to usher in love, happiness, and inner peace.

The Aura Rose Quartz Bracelet makes an ideal choice for those seeking emotional healing, intending to dispel negativity. Its natural healing properties are believed to promote understanding, trust, and harmony in relationships.

Experience the enchanting allure of the Aura Rose Quartz Stretch Bracelet. Let this extraordinary healing stone jewelry accompany you through your journey of self-love and healing. Embrace the calming energy and let it guide you towards peace and positivity.



AAA Rose Quartz

Gold Plated

6 1/2" inner diameter

made to order - leave message at checkout with size