Healing Onyx Bracelet

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Unlock Healing with our Onyx Bracelet: Exquisite Beaded

It's said to offer a foundational energy, boosting feelings of security and steadiness. Onyx is thought to enhance spirituality and link the body and spirit to greater energies. Plus, it's reportedly protective - fending off negative vibes and noxious EMF waves. Fab bracelet featuring a black & silver color palette.


This Healing Onyx Beaded Bracelet is not your regular accessory. It's an amalgamation of timeless style, supreme quality, and mystic healing properties. Ornate with the finest quality onyx stones, each bead in this bracelet is hand-selected to provide an enriching experience to our customers.

Onyx is a powerful protection stone. Wearing this bracelet will absorb and transform negative energy to benefit the wearer both emotionally and physically. Onyx can help in alleviating fears and worries and support in making the right decisions. It's more than just a bracelet, it’s a companion for life.

This Healing Onyx Beaded Bracelet is an elegant amalgamation of style and beneficial properties. Wearing this beautiful accessory will not only step up your style game, but will also infuse you with onyx's mystical vibes. Whether you are heading to a business meeting, casual outing, or a dinner date, this versatile piece is perfect for all occasions.




Silver Plated

Nickel Free