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Own the Garnet Moon Necklace as seen on The Vampire Diaries

The handcrafted as seen on tv, Garnet Moon Necklace, featuring January's gemstone paired with a handmade half moon design, gained worldwide recognition in 2013 when it was worn by fan-favorite Nina Dobrev in The Vampire Diaries. This moment was a delight for the designer, who had the opportunity to showcase their craft to the world.


Step into the fantastical world of The Vampire Diaries with this exquisite Garnet Moon Necklace. This precisely designed necklace offers you a chance to own a piece of your favorite show. Its captivating garnet stone embodies an enchanting charm, making you stand out in every gathering.

The Garnet Moon Necklace is definitely an eye-catcher. Featured in an episode of The Vampire Diaries, this necklace is a faithful replication of the original prop, offering fans a chance to dive into the world of their favorite characters.

Its brilliant garnet stone is what makes this necklace distinctive. The stone sits elegantly on a delicate chain, casting an irresistible allure. Own a Garnet Moon Necklace now and experience how it feels to wear a TV show-inspired piece!




Brass Garnet Pendant - hand cast

18" with 2" extension

Made to order.  Leave comment to request custom length.  Please allow 5 days production time.