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Peace and Balance with Amethyst Yoga Jewelry | As seen in YogiApproved

Bring joy, balance and a touch of style with this tastefully understated amethyst & mudra hand bracelet as seen in YogiApproved. Our Yoga Jewelry collection is designed to infuse the calm and centeredness of yoga into your life, with effortless style. Inspired by the Gyan Mudra that increases focus, happiness and intellect. The amethyst brings protection, wisdom, peace & balance. Stretch double strand design.



Connecting to your inner energy through yoga becomes more profound with our gemstone infused jewelry especially our Peace and Balance Mudra Bracelet. As seen on renowned yoga expert platform YogiApproved, this bracelet not only enhances your yoga experience but raises your style game to a celestial level.

Crafted with genuine amethyst stones reputed for their abilities to stimulate intellectual acuteness, strengthen intuition, and provide a calming energy – essential virtues for an intact yoga practice. Wearing this bracelet invites positivity and mental clarity allowing you to connect better during yoga and meditation sessions.

Our jewelry line adheres to ethical sourcing and creation, making each piece of jewelry soulful and unique. Whether you're a professional yogi or a beginner, our amethyst yoga jewelry, beautifully hand-crafted bracelets make the perfect accessory for your yogic journey aligning you with nature and the infinite universe. As seen in YogiApproved, we guarantee quality, authenticity, and a touch of mystic charm that harmonizes with your lifestyle.




Gold Plated

7" inner diameter