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Color: Gold

Aqua Elegant Earrings - A Symbol of Serenity and Elegance

These Aqua Elegant Earrings are perfect for anyone looking to make a splash! A long elegant style makes them the perfect party accessory, wherever you go. Get the look of brushed gold or silver plated with a dash of ocean inspiration. Perfect for March birthdays or beach lovers, they're sure to make a wave! Did we mention the Elegant series of earrings were included in GBK's 2014 Golden Globes Gift Lounge.


Our Aqua Elegant Earrings embody the tranquil beauty of the ocean, providing not only a fashionable statement but also a soothing aura. Handcrafted with precision, these unique pieces celebrate the elegance of simplicity, serving as the perfect accessory to any attire showcasing the healing power of the color blue.

Each pair of our Aqua Elegant Earrings is sculpted to perfection, reflecting individuality and timeless fashion. They offer a stylish way to incorporate the serenity of the sea into your daily life. Their vibrant blue hue resonates with tranquility and lavishness, channeling the calmness of the ocean waves.

Wear these exquisite earrings and feel a remarkable sense of peace and tranquility wash over you. Let the deep blue colors remind you of the ocean’s majestic beauty and infinite horizon, inspiring feelings of calm and serenity. Its elegant design and classy shade make these earrings perfect for any occasion, whether it be a formal event or casual outing.

Celebrate your unique style with our Aqua Elegant Earrings. An ideal blend of fashion and spirituality, these earrings are designed to resonate with your ocean spirit. Whether you are a fan of the beach or the deep blue ocean, these earrings are bound to express your love for the sea. Buy now and immerse yourselves in the soothing vibes of our Ocean Jewelry Collection.



 22K Gold Plated or Silver Plated

Nickel Free