Tropical Necklace - Capri Blue with Pineapple and Starfish

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Size: 16" Gold

Capri Blue Pineapple Starfish Tropical Necklace: Your Holiday Essential

Go from poolside to party-ready with this colorful Capri Mini Drop Pineapple Tropical Necklace! This eye-catching necklace features an electric blue stone, inspired by the beautiful capri sky. Available with brushed gold or silver plated, a mini pineapple and starfish for added fun and flair. Get your island-vacay vibes all year round and show off your unique style!


Imagine a tropical vacation encapsulated in a captivating, chic piece of jewelry you can wear. Introducing the Capri Mini Drop Pineapple Starfish Necklace - a beautiful representation of an island getaway. This tropical necklace is an exquisite mix of fun and sophistication, making it a must-have accessory for your next beach adventure.

The Capri Mini Drop Necklace features a delightful pineapple and a charming starfish pendant, reflecting the idyllic elements of a tropical paradise. The pendants dangle delicately on a golden chain, making the necklace a statement piece for any casual or elegant outfits. It's an ideal match for your bikinis, summer dresses, or even your winter ensembles to remind you of the vibrant sun and warm beaches.

Ultimately, the Capri Mini Drop Pineapple Starfish Necklace is more than just a tropical necklace. It's a piece that brings sunshine-filled memories and speaks volume about your love for the ocean and nature. So why settle for the ordinary when you can wear the extraordinary? Let this tropical necklace take you to your dream destination. Get your Capri Mini Drop Pineapple Starfish Necklace today!



Silver Plated

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