Amethyst Cleo Earrings

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Color: Gold

Amethyst Cleo Earrings: A Symbol of Spiritual Growth

Add a touch of regal glam to your look with these Amethyst Cleo Earrings! Inspired by the iconic style of Cleopatra, these pyramid-shaped earrings will make you feel like an Egyptian queen. Crafted in either gold or silver plated metal and adorned with a shimmering amethyst gemstone, they'll elevate your style to Pharaoh-levels of fabulous!


Our Amethyst Cleo earrings, a piece of jewelry that catches attention with its splendid amethyst stones, add beauty to anyone who wears them. However, they are not just about beauty, they also serve as a symbol of spiritual growth and balance, making them a favorite among enthusiasts.

The color purple, associated with the third-eye chakra, aids in calming the mind and provides an opportunity to focus on the inner self. Wearing these gorgeous earringsg allows one to feel more connected to their intuition and unconsciously enhances spiritual awareness.

Experiencing the benefits of wearing amethyst earringsg gives a sense of fulfillment. With spiritual growth comes emotional growth. Achieving balance in life is not only about physical wellness but also about mental and emotional stability. So why not adorn yourself with these beautiful earrings, symbolic of overall well-being, harmony and enlightenment.




22K Gold Plated or Silver Plated

Nickel Free ear wires