Beliefs and Meaning Behind The Third Eye

The Third Eye Chakra also referred to as the ‘inner eye’, is a familiar symbol, which has been adopted by Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism. The widely acknowledged symbol usually sits between the eyes of the Buddha, creating a third eye.


The symbol holds different meanings across the religions; Buddhists see the symbol as a spiritual awakening of knowledge and wisdom whereas Hindus believe the third eye is a channel to inner and hidden power.

The Third Eye is an abstract concept that the third eye is invisible and provides a reality beyond that of the ordinary person’s vision. It signifies an entrance to a higher and truer sense of consciousness, bringing a state of enlightenment that brings personal, spiritual and psychological significance. It can be used as a pathway for lucid dreaming and will allow you to see more clearly, increasing your levels of spirituality.

How to Achieve The Third Eye

Opening the third eye is can be reached through meditation and yoga. Third eye meditation allows you to open up your clairvoyant sight, clearing energy blocks, self-limitations and releasing negative karma. Those who have clairvoyant tendencies may begin to perceive the chakras and aura energies of other people, plants and animals. Through meditation, you can experience more vivid colours, auras and visions bringing you to a higher level of consciousness. 

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    How can I open my third eye

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