Orchid Earrings - Pink Aura Single Bloom Plumeria Topical Jewelry

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Enhance Your Style with Pink Aura Orchid Earrings

Single bloom Plumeria flowers paired with Pink Aura in vibrant jewel tones with glowing gold.  This iridescent colour palette oozes tropical flowers in our Orchid Earrings.


Created with custom hyrdro quartz, this resort collection infuses leaves, waves, shells, tassels and more. Inspired by hot beaches, warm scented air, tropical flowers & luscious growth. If you can't be at the beach, wear something that makes you feel it!


Immerse yourself in the intricate delight of our Pink Aura Single Bloom Plumeria Orchid Earrings. This piece of jewellery captures the essence of the orchid, a flower known for its unique beauty and elegance. These earrings are meticulously crafted to embody the enchanting allure of the orchid, making them a stunning addition to any ensemble.

The Single Bloom Plumeria design features a delicately fashioned flower that blooms with a distinctive pink aura. The careful attention to detail and artistry involved in creating these earrings is evident, making them a cherished accessory for any jewellery lover. These orchid earrings offer an exotic aesthetic that is refreshingly unique, making them an ideal gift for someone special or a stunning treat for yourself.

Each pair of these Plumeria Orchid Earrings is crafted with dedication and a passion for creating pieces that captivate through their beauty. The pink aura of the flower provides a captivating contrast to the silver base of the earrings, creating a breathtakingly beautiful accessory that is sure to captivate everyone's attention. Indulge in the elegant simplicity and inherent beauty of these orchid earrings, and immerse yourself in a world of floral extravagance.



Quartz - lab-grown

22K Gold Plated or Silver Plated

Nickel Free

2 1/2"