Hamsa Hand Necklace Dusk Teardrop

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Discover the Mystical Allure of the Hamsa Hand Necklace

Let the stars take center stage with our Hamsa Hand Necklace! This stunning combo features a steely dusk teardrop pendant paired with a protective hamsa charm and delicate quarter moon. All in a brushed gold finish. Stylish & meaningful! 


Our Dusk Teardrop Charm Necklace including a Hamsa Moon, is a beautifully crafted piece that adds a mystical touch to any outfit. The Hamsa Hand is a universal sign of protection, power, and strength that dates back to ancient Mesopotamia.

Immerse yourself in the spiritual energy of the Hamsa Hand Necklace. This piece is more than just a necklace, it is a symbol of protection, harmony, and happiness. With its intricately detailed designs, it acts as a spiritual shield against negative energy.

Enjoy the spiritual richness of the Hamsa Hand Necklace. Its unique, ancient design, makes it an attractive accessory and an excellent conversation starter. Perfect for casual wear, or as a gift for loved ones. Experience the mystical allure of the Hamsa hand necklace for yourself today.




Gold Plated