Elegant Mixed Metal Tree Jewelry Set with Brushed Gunmetal and Gold Branches - Amethyst Detail - Gold Plated Sterling Silver

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Gem Color: 1 set

Ring Size: 5

Elevate your style with our Elegant Mixed Metal Tree Set including Pendant Necklace, Stunning Earrings and a must have Ring.  A unique blend of brushed gunmetal and brushed gold branches, adorned with a mesmerizing amethyst detail. Crafted from gold-plated sterling silver, this piece embodies the perfect balance of nature-inspired beauty and modern elegance.

  • Tree Branch Design: Represents growth, strength, and a deep connection to nature.
  •  Amethyst Accents: Enhances intuition, calms the mind, and brings a sense of peace.
  •  Mixed Metals: The perfect fusion of brushed gunmetal and brushed gold for a chic, modern look.
  • Gold-Plated Sterling Silver: Provides a durable, luxurious finish.

Perfect for any occasion, this set can be purchased together available for purchase separately. Embrace the harmony of nature and style with this exquisite jewelry set!