Chakra Necklace | 5 Point Quartz Crystal | Balance and Healing

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Experience Powerful Energy Healing with our Chakra Necklace

This five-pointed hexagon chakra necklace quartz design boasts finely detailed silver and gunmetal accents, and its design is optimized to maximize the harmonizing and amplifying properties of quartz.

Our Chakra Necklace, specially designed with a 5-Point Quartz Crystal, promotes balance and healing. This necklace serves as an excellent tool for channeling your energy, meditating, and connecting with your higher self.

The Quartz Crystal enhances feelings of tranquility and forgiveness, providing emotional stability for everyday life. It also helps to lighten the heart and alleviate negative emotional energy.

The Chakra Necklace is more than just a piece of jewelry. It's a powerful energy tool that offers physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Add this unique piece to your spiritual toolkit today.



Gunmetal plated