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DIY Mala Kit - Amethyst - Crown Chakra



Amethyst - Crown Chakra - Peace & Tranquility


Infuse your intention into your wardrobe, your accessories, your life...


Prayer Mala's, or Prayer Beads, can be worn by anyone. You don't have to be spiritual or follow a particular religion to connect with Prayer Beads. Rather, the beads are a reminder of YOUR intention.


Your Mala can be worn around your neck, wrist or placed in a special location that brings you calm. Hang it on your car rear view mirror, place it in your alter or carry your it in your hand bag.


Making your own mala allows you to infuse your intention into the making of your piece, bringing a deeper connection. This is a personal piece of jewelry that carries YOUR energy.


Each kit contains everything you need to create your own mala. You will be guided through the process of setting an intention along with start to finish instructions on how to create your mala.


Check out our Malas and Mantras post here to learn more ways to connect with your mala.



-x108 8mm amethyst beads (plus a few extra "just in case" beads - be sure to count before stringing

- amethyst guru bead

- silk thread with needle attached for easy beading

-silk tassel

-mala bag



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