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Aqua Dew Drop Gold Necklace



Delicate, wondrous and truly a classic, this Aqua Dew Drop necklace in silver is a must-own jewelry piece for every modern woman’s wardrobe.


Infusing Timeless Style


The timeless dew-drop style, adding both whimsical appeal and mystic intrigue to your outfit, is the ideal accessory to appeal to your discerning tastes.


Pair it with your classic dresses or fluidly languid skirts and it will be the ideal accessory for both.


Brimming with Meaning


Dewdrops signify purity, innocence, clear-heartedness and fertility.


Material: Quartz, Gold Plated necklace


Dimensions: 18” necklace


Enjoy FREE international shipping and a complimentary, carefully selected, stunning silk jewelry pouch with your purchase.

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